Board of Commissioners

The Mexico Housing Authority is governed by a five-member Board of Commissioners who are appointed by the Mexico City Council.  Commissioners serve for a 4-year term each.  Monthly Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. at the Mexico Housing Authority Administration Building, 828 Garfield Avenue, Mexico.  Meeting agenda will be posted below and at the Mexico Housing Authority Administrative Office within 24 hours prior to each meeting.



BOARD MEETING INFO  agenda 12-17-2019 meeting canceled
 Board Packet 1-2019  agenda 01-21-2020 Board Meeting
agenda 02-19-2019 meeting canceled  BOC Packet 1-2020 Mexico ’19 Final
 March Meeting rescheduled to 3/26/19 @ 3:30pm
 Board Packet 3-2019 Board Packet 3-2019 (2) Board Packet 3-2019 (3)
 Board Packet 4-2019 (1) Board Packet 4-2019 (2)  MHA GOVERNING DOCUMENTS
 agenda 05-21-2019 meeting canceled
 agenda 06-18-2019 Board Meeting
 Board Packet 6-2019  AUDITS
 Board Packet special meeting 6-2019  Mexico ’19 Final
 Board Packet 7-2019
 Board Packet 8-2019
   agenda 09-17-2019 meeting canceled
 Board Meeting reschedule
 Board Packet 10-2019Board Packet 11-2019
Board Packet 12-2019 special