Housing Choice Vouchers For Landlords

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All Landlords are invited to informational meetings held periodically in the Garfield Community Center.  Information will be provided for best practices in working with MHA on program participant housing, landlord law, Mexico city ordinances, etc.  Notification of meeting dates & times will be issued.  Come with your questions and be prepared to learn!

Request for Tenancy Approval

When you have selected a client, s/he will have a “Request for Tenancy Approval, HUD-52517″ and a lead-based paint disclosure form for you to complete. When the client submits the form to our office, a housing representative will contact you to schedule an inspection of your property, if it is approved.  See above link for the “Request or Tenancy Approval” form.

Inspection and Rent

The unit will be inspected to insure that it meets HUD’s Housing Quality Standards. You will also be mailed a copy of the inspection repair list, or contacted by phone regarding repairs, if applicable.

Lease and Contract

After the unit passes inspection and the rent has been approved, the landlord and tenant enter into a lease for an initial term of one year. The housing authority and the landlord sign a housing assistance payments contract through which the rent is assisted on behalf of the tenant.

 Landlords may collect a security deposit, but the MHA policy prohibits security deposits in excess of local state law and/or amount charged by the owner to unassisted tenants.

Rights and Responsibilities as a Landlord

  • Maintain your property in good condition.
  • Complete repairs within a reasonable amount of time upon request by the Housing Authority or tenant; 24 hours for emergencies. The amount of time that is considered reasonable depends on the nature of the problem.
  • Set reasonable rules about the use of the unit and common areas.
  • Except for emergencies or tenant’s requested repairs, do not enter the unit without tenant’s permission and/or proper notice.
  • Collect appropriate security deposit as directed under the program and use only as directed by state law.
  • Comply with Equal Housing Opportunity requirements.
  • Enforce tenant obligations under the lease.
  • Expect your tenants to:
    • Pay rent on time.
    • Keep unit clean.
    • Avoid illegal activities.
    • Refrain from disturbing others.
    • Allow only those occupants on the lease to reside in the unit.