HC Vouchers (Sec 8)

The Housing Choice Voucher program (formerly Section 8) provides assistance to very low income families in the private rental market through the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) program.

Housing Choice Voucher holders select a unit from the private market.  Rental assistance makes the market rate housing affordable.  Program participants normally pay between 30-40% of monthly adjusted income toward rent and utilities.  The housing assistance payment subsidizes the balance of the rent to the property owner.  The unit must meet HUD Housing Quality Standards (HQS) and the rent must be approved within rent reasonable guidelines.

  • MHA administers 151 Housing Choice Vouchers
  • Briefing session to provide applicants with program details
  • Property must meet federal housing quality standards
  • Rent assistance based on annual income



(Transferring Assistance to another Housing Agency location)

If you are currently a Mexico Housing Authority Housing Choice Voucher holder, you may request a transfer to another location AFTER you have completed a minimum one year at your current residence.  Please read the “What is Portability?” document to see if your situation qualifies for this HCV option.  If you believe you do qualify, print and complete the request to port form or stop by our office to pick up a copy.  This document also contains needed information for you to follow in porting to another area.

If you currently hold a voucher from a different Housing Authority, you may transfer to our Mexico program.  We are currently ABSORBING all vouchers that transfer to the Mexico Housing Authority Section 8 program.  Your initiating agency must mail your information to us at the following address:  HCV Portability, Mexico Housing Authority, 828 Garfield Avenue, Mexico, MO  65265.  Once your file has been received, you will be contacted to gather any remaining information.  PLEASE do not lease a rental unit before you have approval from our agency; all new units must be inspected and pass the Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection.  Also payment standards may vary greatly from location to location.  Many other areas have much higher rents and the unit that you select may have a rent amount that cannot be approved.  .