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January 2021

Thanks Sarah for following our MHA obligations and participating in our annual decorating contests!

S Newell










December 2020

Thanks Kim for always having a smile on your face and following MHA resident obligations!











November 2020

Thanks Danielle for always participating in our annual decorating and following our resident obligations!!











October 2020

Thanks Cynthia for following our MHA obligations!!










September 2020

Thanks Egene for cooperating with MHA staff and following Resident obligations!











August 2020

Thanks Sandy for following the rules and having a positive attitude with all MHA staff!











July 2020

Thanks Patricia aka “Grandma Pat” for keeping us informed of local news and always looking out and helping your neighbors!

Grandma Pat










June 2020

Thanks Shawn and Marci Hill for participating in our annual decorating contests and following our MHA rules with housekeeping inside AND outside your unit!











May 2020

Thanks Don aka “Puppy” for always having a friendly smile and following housekeeping rules and being respectful to MHA staff!











April 2020

Thanks Bernadetta for your dedication to Mexico Housing Authority!











March 2020

Thanks Dale for following our housekeeping standards and having your unit clean and ready for inspections!

Dale Jaeger










February 2020

Thanks Calhoun Street residents for keeping your neighborhood cleaned up and looking nice!

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January 2020

Thanks Arrion for following the MHA Smoke Free Policy and smoking 25 feet from your unit!